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Shock absorber replacement

Shock absorber replacement

Why do my shock absorbers need to be changed?
Shock absorbers use hydraulic fluid to dampen the rebound of the suspension springs when you drive over a bump or hole. Without them your car would bounce around and be hard to control. A good shock absorber also prolongs the life of other suspension parts and drive systems such as the springs and tyres.

What happens if they are not changed?
If your shock absorbers fail your car will be very unstable and difficult to drive. A worn or leaking shock absorber can affect the safety of your braking and handling. No surprise then that they are a legal requirement and checked in your MOT test.

What do we do?
We check for worn and leaking shock absorbers whenever we service your car. If any one isn't working correctly we tell you it should be replaced.

How often do they need to be checked?
At every MOT test and service.

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